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The server that the guestbook was on went down.  All of the data was lost.  Some was backed up and I will try to find the rest.  For now Amy please remember that there are 3 more years of letters I wrote to you are missing  :(



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Amy's Birth Certificate

Japanese Jumihyo showing the improper adoption of Amy - Page 1, 2, 3, 4

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The injustice of Japanese Law


This homepage is to show how unjust Japanese Law is.

For some reason my Mommy doesn't want my Daddy to see me, and no matter how hard he tries the law doesn't help. 

The last time I saw my Daddy was on my 2nd birthday - June 17th, 1998. I really miss him and the games we played together and hope that one day I will be able to play with him again.

Many of my Daddy's family are very supportive of him, so I will print what my Daddy is trying to do, and the response he is getting. This is what happened when my Daddy went to Family Court in Japan -

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Amy Kalmus
10 year old child - born 6/17/1996
9-2 Minato Machi
Omuta Shi, Fukuoka Japan 836

81-3-944-56-9019 FAX
1-310-795-1089 Daddy



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One Day you will find me - Love Daddy